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Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrous oxide for the fast, effective and safe solution for the controlled destruction of unwanted skin imperfections.

This treatment used to be carried out at your GP surgery however more surgeries are no longer offering the treatment on the NHS so patients are having to find alternative treatments.  Here at Allure Laser & Skin Clinic the treatment will be carried out by a highly trained professional laser technician.

CryoPen™ is a pen-like instrument which delivers a fine pinpoint spray of liquid nitrous oxide at a constant temperature of minus-127 degrees under high pressure which allows the therapist to work with millimeter precision. This means the nitrous oxide is delivered directly to the treated area and not to the healthy surrounding tissue.

Ideal Treatment For:

  • Freckles or dark, hyper pigmented lesions

  • Age/liver spots

  • Seborrheic Warts

  • Milia – (Milk Spots)

  • Warts – hands & feet

  • Cherry angioma (red blisters)

  • Verruca’s

  • Skin tags

For the removal of any pigmented areas, one treatment only is typically required using the CryoPen™.

What Are The Benefits Of The CryoPen Therapy

  • The treatment is very quick, usually taking only a few minutes

  • Sterile procedure – No needles, no bleeding, no risk of infection

  • There is no down time

  • The treatment is virtually painless

  • Cryopen uses a cooling technology that has no dangerous cryogenic gases

  • No anaesthetic is needed

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